some traditional representations of the space-time continuum used to describe the project
etymology­­­ along with short definitions


M A N D A L A   [Sanskrit] : circle / enclosing the essence

a mandala organizes the space-time continuum within a single disc, offering an all-embracing cosmovision

C A T H E D R A L   [from the Greek ‘kathedra’] : seat / base

in the reclaimed and holistic etymology of the word, the cathedral is seat of a higher authority

S A N C T U A R Y   [from the Latin ‘sanctum’] : holy place

[in Sanskrit] : womb-chamber

T E M P L E   derived from the Latin ‘templum’] : time

[also derived from Latin] : template / form in space

"the temple is a space-time structure where we can con-temp-plate realities that paradoxically transcend space-time" 1

K A L A C H A K R A   [Tibetan] : Wheel of Time

T Z O L K I N   [Mayan] : Count of Kin (sun / day / time)

combining mathematical precision with archetypal power, the Tzolkin is a mystical calendar that gives the measure of sacred time


1   Rowena Pattee Kryder, Sacred Ground to Sacred Space

'Isfahan' (3:00) created by Cristóbal Vila [outside link]

planetary sanctuary
repository of perennial wisdom
all-embracing cosmovision

round sanctity
buried in ice and heat