the nature and function of the Mandãla organism sound-as-breath


no static architecture but a living breathing entity

an advanced lifeform displaying the continuous process of evolution and involution

a dance as much as a stance

Life-force circulates inside the cave-chamber in streams of shifting soundworlds. Here, surround-sound carries out the respiratory functions of the organism. Not a linear breath, but the breath of the Dreamtime—permeating all space and time. Where sound breathes itself into form and form dissolves back into dream.

An expansive maelstrom of sound breathing beyond any and all boundaries.

Pneuma: a sacred immortal breath.

soundworld samples - created by Steve Roach [outside link]
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'atmosphere': from the Sanskrit atmen: breath

The self-contained atmosphere of the cave-chamber allows for a tightly regulated, finely tuned breathing environment. It is felt as an ideal biological matrix for the human body—with optimal air temperature, humidity content, and barometric pressure.

The many negative ions (such as found during or after a thunderstorm) and oxygen-rich environment increase physical and mental alertness in the visitor. The atmosphere is both energizing and relaxing at the same time.

In the dark confines of the cave-chamber, one feels vibrantly alive.

breathing architecture of Time
the moving image of eternity