the physical shape of the sanctuary and of the organism contained within as they conceptually exist today


no static architecture but a living breathing entity

an advanced lifeform displaying the continuous process of evolution and involution

a dance as much as a stance

High-tech composites are used for the fixed ellipsoidal shell and the (possibly dynamic) structural skeleton. The resulting vertebrate resembles a 4-headed serpent dwelling in its lair, a tetramorphic organism in the cavity of its shell.

This Lord of Life is enthroned on a raised square platform. As the embodiment of perennial knowledge, as the distillation of sacred form, it exudes raw power, radiates raw truth.

Raised at the heart center, the Serpent Pillar spirals downward in PHI-based golden progression — 4 edges smoothly unwinding into the mighty dorsals of the dragon kings. These taller-than-man Living Images of raised dragons face out to the cardinal directions — not only acting as their temporal and spatial guardians but indeed creating Space and Time. They stand guard to the Grail, that sacred center from which they stem, the awe-filled secret that unites them. They stand guard to the Grail, that center mysterious at the end of their tail, the secret forbidden at the beginning of our tale.

Made of anodized titanium, the skin shimmers softly in the dark of the cave-chamberwaves after waves, in endless variations of light reflected from the dome’s FIRE Element.

Half-buried on the desert floor, the dome-shell is patched with raw earth like the weathered back of a great turtle. Its oblate spheroidal shape (a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid) a direct echo of the shape of the Earth.

The connecting appendage is dug in native sandstone.


CONNECTOR                [dug in] native sandstone



     EXTERIOR COVER            raw earth

     STRUCTURAL CORE         [unspecified]

     INTERIOR SURFACE         liquid crystal display (lcd)


     FOUNDATION                     native sandstone

     FLOOR                                 limestone or native sandstone

     PLATFORM                     granite



     CENTRAL SPINE                 [20 granite segments?]

     ORGANISM FRAME            [unspecified]

     ORGANISM SKIN                 anodized titanium

Caduceus, World Tree, Fountain of Life
raised at the desert heart of the world