the Mandãla’s evolution, viewed from the evolution of architectural forms throughout history


weaved by non-linear threads of fascinating metahistory

shaping in turn the critical onset of Earth's posthistory

[redirected to sections: early resonance part 1 - 4]

[part 1]

≈50000BP to ≈12000BP
— Dreamtime World —
the painted caves of the Upper Paleolithic

[part 2]

≈12000BP to ≈4000BP
— Ancestor World —
the megalithic monuments of the Neolithic

[part 3]

≈5200BP to ≈500BP
— Hieratic Civilizations —
the cosmogonic structures of Antiquity and beyond

[part 4]

≈2000BP to PRESENT
— Cosmopolitan Religions —
the codifed temples of the Medieval Age and beyond

mound of the planetary mind
portal to the posthistory of art and civilization