a brief delineation of the Mandãla’s growth, viewed from different yet inteconnected evolutionary contexts


weaved by non-linear threads of fascinating metahistory

shaping in turn the critical onset of Earth's posthistory

“Nature does not create like an engineer, but, instead, like a playful artist” 1

All species represent stages in the developmental process of an ultimately unified genealogy of living organisms. To be part of nature is to be an element in and the result of that evolutionary process. So that the phylogeny of forms is simultaneously the phylogeny of spirit.

geological time scales - chronology of life on Earth
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From the Precambrian Jellyfish, Nautilus, and Octopus (600 to 300 million years ago)—the morphotypal threads of the Mandãla organism—to the reptilian Snake (100 mya) and mammalian Cat (25 mya)—its totemic threads—to the modern Human as creator of the overall sanctuary (200 000 years ago)—its visionary thread.

1  Bernd Lotsch, Ernst Haeckel: Art forms in Nature
geological time scale table adapted from Thomas Wiewandt + Maureen Wilks, The Southwest Inside Out: An Illustrated Guide to the Land and Its History

living, breathing entity
of beauty, power, and mystery

keeper of the codes