a brief delineation of the Mandãla’s growth, viewed from different yet inteconnected evolutionary contexts


weaved by non-linear threads of fascinating metahistory

shaping in turn the critical onset of Earth's posthistory

From a 13-codex poetic mandala to the fixed calendrical architecture of a spiritual power-plant to a revolving serpentine organism, and on to the 9th anchor of a multidimensional master-plan.


From their emergence out a pool of dreamtime poetry, 26 entwined strands of songlines—the early creation of an entire mythopoetic genome—source codes of the Mandãla organism.

As its organizational construct of origin, the genome branched in fractal fashion. Like traditional Tibetan mandalas, it expanded in three distinct rings and totaled 13 codices. Shaped with DNA-like strands of poetry, the codices contained many songlinesthis lifeform original dreamtime.

Non-linear threads of seeking, of healing, and of integration. Rising out of and sinking back into silence. Non-linear threads of ritual power, totemic beauty, ancestral wisdom.

At the beginning were the words of a primeval poem. A digital dance of calligraphic intent, a mirage embossed in the sand.


From emergence on the winter solstice of 1998 to a steady development marked by visionary breakthroughs in the following years.

STAGE 1     from original vision to conceptual design (PHASES I to III / 1998 to 2007), followed by development, research, and the ongoing attempt at implementation (PHASES III to V / 2008 to 2012).

primeval poem
mirage embossed in the sand