This is a Tesla Model S 85D

an all-electric car

It's the most fun car ever!
It's also the safest car on the road.

Range: ~ 270 miles
(range varies with battery size)
We charge it at home for about 1/5 the cost of gas.
For long-distance driving,
charging at Tesla Superchargers is free.

Have fun designing your own Model S (or X) at
You won't have to commit or pay anything.
You can design your electric dream car just for fun!

The Tesla Diaries blog series by Pati Nagle

Read The Oatmeal blog about what it's like
to own a Model S (caution - language) at:

The Tesla Model 3
will cost about $35,000 (less after incentives)
with a range of about 210 miles.

It was unveiled March 31, 2016 (video on Tesla's website),
and in the first week, over 325,000 reservations were made.
The first Model 3s should be produced in 2017.

Consumer Reports has compiled a
FAQ page about the Model 3.

See also: Top 12 Questions on Model 3 Answered
(more in-depth answers)

Don't want to wait for a Model 3, but don't want to pay full price for a Model S? Check out Tesla's certified pre-owned Model S page.

Valet Instructions for Tesla Cars

Tesla Motors Club Forum (official discussion group)

Tesla on Facebook

Tesla Club of New Mexico on
(owners and interested non-owners welcome)