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The Mandãla – deeply intertwined with Quetzalcóatl, the magnificent “Feathered Serpent”, envisioned as an amalgamation of the luminous resplendent quetzal and a serpent, a being so venerated that its image adorned the covers of sacred books and the facades and walls of the most prestigious structures throughout ancient Mesoamerica.

Through his direct contact with this entity, on Quetzalcóatl's birthday, Jean-Philippe received a vision of a sanctuary that would embody all that is represented by this symbol, which was known to the Maya as K’uk’ulcan (“Holy, life-giving, serpentine energy”), deeply connected to all that is sacred in both the seen and unseen realms, able to transcend all artificial constructs. In a world that has desperately lost its way, Jean-Philipppe has been able to develop and maintain this serpentine vision, a vision that represents a synthesis of evolutionary knowledge, higher consciousness, cyclical renewal, the generation of light and time, eternal life-force, and interconnections between dimensions. I have no doubt that the ancient astronomer-priests would be proud of his efforts to re-introduce this concept to the world.

multicultural art educator/specialist in indigenous arts / author of Manual for the Soul: A Guide to the Energies of Life: How Sacred Mesoamerican Calendrics Reveal Patterns of Destiny
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Jean-Philippe Mul is a rare visionary who combines the magic of manifesting with the timely birthing of what needs to happen. His deep commitment to a vision of a new cathedral for the world will move mountains as people are drawn inward to participate in the creation of a new art forma living entity that is at heart a noble expression of the soul of humanity. I am lucky to have watched the various phases of this project unfold, and have seen the broad outlines of a magnificent plan become more fine-tuned and real. The nurturing intelligence of Jean-Philippe has allowed the initial seed-thought to blossom. The project is now ready for its next phase and it invites us all to enter into a womb-like sanctuary of spiritual renewal, timed by the frequencies of the Maya Calendar. Let us step forth into the illumination of higher consciousness and create, together, a new world.

independent researcher of ancient Mesoamerica cosmology / author of (among other works) Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Galactic Alignment

We must become more conscious if an expanding population hopes to live in harmony amid shrinking resources. Jean-Philippe Mul is breathing life and form into a powerful visionary touchstone for a new century in dire need not only of revisioning the sacred, but of living it.

evolutionary astrologer / author and co-author (with Steven Forrest) of several influential books in the field of astrology
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Just thinking about it creates a resonating tone of being connected underground.
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pioneering ambient-atmospheric-electronic musician / composer of a long list of groundbreaking recordings
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Jean-Philippe Mul is doing something precious and rare. He is responding to the place — Planet Earth — and the time — this epoch — in which he lives. His work takes into account that this world is in such profound crisis that only extraordinary gestures are appropriate to match its need. Here is a spiritual artist with the vision to understand this world moment, and the courage to put that vision into physical form.

[from personal communication]
We know that ideas, which predate manifestation, have a life of their own. Each has its own unique growth trajectory and power to incite/inspire. Yours resonates with pure, life-affirming meaning. Even in idea form, your vision comes across as congruent, deeply felt, rooted in understanding, soul-driven. This means to me that the Mandãla is already working.

humanistic astrologer / author of the important book Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America (“a call to merge spiritual vision with a clear-eyed understanding of geopolitics”)
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The Mandãla project is a powerful vision that we all can be inspired by and support. Part of the cosmic global tradition of the perennial wisdom, it is conceived with great sincerity and exactness that contribute to the issuing forth of a new paradigm.

visionary artist and teacher, working for "the synthesis and integration of art, science and consciousness" / author of Sacred Ground to Sacred Space and other works

I can imagine archeologists a million years in the future digging up the work of the Mandãla on the Colorado Plateau and declaring this to be the beginning of true civilization on planet Earth.

leading evolutionary astrologer / author of (among other works) The Inner Sky, Yesterday’s Sky
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The Mandãla is a living monument and axis mundi for our time. An object of intent to re-align the collective bio-signal we send into the Earth and beyond our thin, protective atmosphere. It is an opportunity at this critical moment in our evolution to re-affirm our birthright as humans; and create an object of resonant beauty far beyond the clutter and insanity of commercial noise.

May it be so and may the winds of time carry our song; that many moons from now our posterity will know, there was a lineage of kindred spirits, stretching back to the first fires through to the age of laptops and cell phones. Their hearts were strong and their gratitude for this precious planet uncompromising and without limit.

tribal-ambient musician, master didgeridoo player / co-founder of Inlakesh
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