The Mandãla is a visionary shrine in the desert wilderness of the Colorado Plateau
where a revolving entity embodying cosmic order dwells in a womb-like chamber.

the Mandãla is planetary sanctuary
a repository of perennial wisdom built as all-embracing cosmovision
a world-bridger through Space & Time

Not the product of one nation, culture, or religion, the Mandãla is temple to what is known as the Perennial Philosophy or Primordial Tradition — the common root of all religious traditions. Freed from dogma and the constraints of organized religion its very existence states spiritual sovereignty for each and all.

It acts as crucible for the Great Integration of world civilizations through time and space. Bridging worlds from East and West, distant prehistory and near posthistory. A repository of perennial wisdom built as all-embracing cosmovision.

No new major sacred space has been built, yet our time must find its own expression. The Mandãla is a cathedral for a world in the throes of great changes — a spiritual lighthouse, beacon of hope for our future on this planet.

the Mandãla is Shrine of the Serpent-jaguar
an American caduceus and true totem pole of the American tribe
maybe the brightest architectural incarnation Quetzalcoatl has ever known

The Mandãla is Shrine of the Serpent-Jaguar. Abode of the Precious Twin: what may yet be the brightest architectural incarnation of the Pan-American dual deity known as Quetzalcoatl-Tezcatlipoca. It is totem pole of the American Tribe — contributing to the preservation and furthering of this continent dreamtime.

The sanctuary shelters a sacred tree planted in Native Territory. This totem pole is offered to the Native Nations of Turtle Island and beyond: an American Caduceus to bridge the rift between Old World and New World, modern technological civilization and traditional cultures. A peace staff to withstand the test of time and men.

Born 9 BEN (7-04-1776) in the Mesoamerican sacred calendar, the United States of America holds the astrological signature of the Serpent-Pillar. In direct resonance with the archetypal essence of this nation, the Mandãla inherently implies a larger family. Its pillar stands for and supports a 'United State of The Americas' ― an Axis Americani that in turn extends its truth to all corners of the world.

Behold the great Serpent-Tree enshrined in this cathedral of the Americas ― straight as a redwood, tall as a Statue of Liberty!

the Mandãla is an initiatory chamber
a facilitator of human consciousness in our quest to become fully alive on this planet

An Earth-Mother temple for our Age: a semi-subterranean womb-like chamber accessed by an umbilical-like connector. By providing a physical container for spiritual and exploratory quests, it fulfils the initiatory functions of ancient sacred sites—like kivas and painted caves—it offers the pilgrim a deep visceral experience.

The Mandãla is Temple of Man, serving as a facilitator of human consciousness, individual and collective. It helps us to access the many realities coexisting in our multidimensional self. Template for the flowering of our human nature, it points at our infinite potential. To enter the Mandãla is to enter our own perfection, to witness our own immortality. To enter the Mandãla is to explore a perfected universe, the experience of a fully integrated consciousness. An invitation to Oneness.

the Mandãla is time-keeping device
a living calendar pulsing like a literal universe
re-establishing the immanence of sacred time as structured and timed by the Maya Calendar

The Mandãla revolves with the tone and rhythm of the Tzolkin — the ‘no beginning no end’ sacred cycle of the Maya calendrical system. The Tzolkin is the oldest unbroken calendrical tradition that we possess (at least 2500 years old), a holistic system encompassing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our nature. Macro-fractals of this wonder cycle, the Short and Long Count calendars track in turn the larger cycles of past and future history, from deep into the dreamtime and back. Pure mathematical biorhythms tuned to chief biological and astronomical cycles and built from living energies, the Maya calendar operates as a map for the flow of creation, guiding our personal and collective evolution, our human and cosmic destiny.

Here, the Maya calendar is literally embodied as a living organism gyrating in the cavity of its shell — whose hearbeat is the pulse of our solar system and beyond. A literal and multidimensional 'universe' ("turning of the one"). A breathing architecture of Time, the moving image of eternity.

By raising awareness of the sacred nature of Time, projects such as the Mandãla can inspire a movement for the much needed reformation of our Western civil calendar.

the Mandãla is a spiritual power-plant
monument to the resacralization of the Earth
generating frequencies of a higher order on the grid of Earth’s ancient sacred sites
the final anchor of a multidimensional master-plan

A living monument to the resacralization of the Earth, the Mandãla acknowledges man as part of, not apart from, nature.

Like other key points, it sits at a location of geomantic significance, contributing to the balancing of the Earth’s vibrational field. Its rhythmic metabolic functions generate frequencies of a high order, alleviating planetary consciousness from an increasing deadening weight of toxic cloudiness.

The Mandãla has also been revealed as the 9th and last architectural component of a multidimensional master-plan — one belonging to the larger galactic agenda of our Ancestors. [note: this claim may not be taken literally, dealing as it does with multidimensional reality]

the Mandãla is monument to the End of Time
commemorating the landmark of the Maya Long Count calendar
erected at the end of a great cycle of time, for the emergence of a new one
Time materialized anew

Starting on the mythic day of Maya Creation (8-11-3114 BCE), at the onset of human civilization, the Long Count calendar has reached the famed end of its 13th baktun (on 12-21-2012). This historical and metaphysical calendar is linked to the 26000 years precessional cycle — a period astrologically tied to the collective evolution of human consciousness.

Thus in essence, the Mandãla is the architecture of the End of Time — but also a time-keeping device going beyond it. Built at a critical juncture in time, it marks 5200 years of recorded history and heralds the advent of post-history. It celebrates the path walked until now by all of Gaia and humankind.

Embodiement of the Lord of Time itself, the Mandãla is ritual fulfilled: Time materialized anew. It connects us to something much larger than ourselves: to what is known as the Oversoul (in theology), the Transcendental Object (in cosmology), the Philosopher’s Stone (in alchemy). The Mandãla is expression of all of these.

But if it belongs to a larger galactic agenda, it also makes us the willing participants in a great cosmic drama. It empowers us as aware stewards of our collective destiny.

the Mandãla is an oasis of mystery
restoring the Dream that we have lost
keeping alive the beauty of mystery

To enter the Mandãla is to penetrate the 'Great Mystery' (the original meaning of the word 'mysticism'). Perennially fresh, the sanctuary is that oasis—halfway between mirage and reality.

Evoking awe and wonderment, this hidden treasure of the desert keeps alive both the mystery of creation and the beauty of mystery. It wants to erase the blank look in our eyes and instill in its place sparkles of wonder. Art appealing to the romantic grandeur of our soul.

Its immanence mercifully counteracts the professed all-knowingness of modern science.

the Mandãla is a new artform
a visionary creation marking an entrance into the posthistory of art and civilization

The Mandãla reaffirms the immanence of art as a sacred endeavor.

Involving the best visionary artists of our times, the Mandãla stands at the cutting edge of man-made creation—representing indeed a new artform. Through acknowledgment of our metahistorical past, this visionary creation marks an entrance into the posthistory of art and civilization.

spiritual power-plant
for the renewal of All That Is

new expression of an immortal love

NOTE The word 'love' is not employed here in a romantic sense but as "that feeling and force that is willing to sacrifice everything to create life from death, and then nurture that life to its full potential". 1

1 Douglas Gillette, The Shaman’s secret: The Lost Resurrection Teachings of the Ancient Maya