sanctuary physical orientation: geographical, astronomical, cosmological

  • [1] As directional guardians, the Dragon Kings or Serpent Guardians are oriented to the 4 sacred directions
    — defined by True North (North celestial pole) and True East (sunrise position at the Equinox).

  • [2] As Axis Mundi, the vertical Serpent Pillar is by nature oriented to the Zenith
    — defined as the highest point in the sky, directly above a given location).

  • [3] As birth canal, the Connector is oriented to the winter solstice sunrise
    — approx. 30deg south of True East, given the latitude of the site.

Reminiscent of the phenomenon at the ancient site of Newgrange (Ireland), the sunrise at winter solstice will illuminate the entrance of the Connector
(located on the host-rock ridge).

Thus, built from sacred geometry principles, following the rhythm of a sacred calendar, and adequately positioned in space-time, the Mandãla becomes a model of cosmic order, a true omphalos for our Age.

planetary sanctuary
repository of perennial wisdom
all-embracing cosmovision