nature and function of the closed circuit inside the Mandãla organism
with visual specimens of its revolving geometrie

no static architecture but a living breathing entity
an advanced lifeform displaying the continuous process of evolution and involution
a dance beneath the stance

Morphic archetypes run along the LCD surface of the dome—a visual language of past and future memory. Tapestries of light unfold in an endless stream of fractal wonder—the still-melting stained glass of a cosmic cathedral. At times pulsing with driven intensity, at others morphing slowly from one realm to another.

Based on genetic algorhythms, these computer-generated graphics are created from the memory genepool of Gaia — representing billions of years of continuing evolution.

When density of darkness gives birth to a light fantastic. When the dome becomes a window, the Mandãla a craft.

earthseed of galactic consciousness
starship for higher primates
ready to engage the human monkey in light-years of creation