'galactic agenda' of the project
with its ties to ancient sacred sites from around the world

Placed at locations of geomantic significance, natural sacred sites have their own power and frequency―their own way of organizing our senses and influencing our awareness. Man-made sacred sites are no exception. They are in fact usually placed on existing natural power points ― thereby channeling and controlling the outflow of Earth energies erupting at the surface, thereby mediating the meeting of telluric and cosmic forces. Within the spectrum of individual experience, to each its own range.

These ancient sacred sites are the prime legacy of our old world cultures―their greatest gift to us.

Today, standing at the edge of History as we know it, 9 sacred centers from cultures the world over, and covering the entire span of human history, are made to resonate together ― for maybe the first time. Millenia in the making, the magical network is finally complete. Through Space and Time, the Mandãla becomes a World-Bridger. Our Time calls for such a spiritual power-plant: a small integrative diamond, each facet reflecting yet another jewel of the world.

When the Mandãla is revealed as the 9th and last anchor of a larger galactic master-plan. When the plan is a key and the key is the plan...
Visualize an unintterupted blue-green line linking 9 nodes (diagram below). Projected onto the Earth plane, the shape manifests as 9 sacred sites linked geochronologically: through Space (the surface of the globe) & through Time (the historical period of humankind).

9 omphaloi, 9 Navels of the World(s).
9 geodetic beacons, pulsing nodes through Space & Time.

Was not the key forged so that we could open and pass through the rainbow gate of History?
When a web of kinship becomes a fleet of king ships. When the key that ushers us through the gate becomes wheel to steer and navigate...

NOTE The concept above stems from a vision of the Project Director and should not necessarily be taken literally — dealing as it does with multidimensional realities.

web of kinship and multidimensional key

9 omphaloi (navels of the world)

NOTE The above selection of 9 omphaloi is an example only. The sacred sites presented here hold a special affinity with the project, yet could be substituted by others. The shape of the key would then be different.

world-bridger through space & time
weaving a planetary master-plan

spiritual power-plant
contributing to the harmony of larger systems