how the Mandãla contributes to our individual and collective growth as human beings

The Mandãla is temple of man. It serves as a facilitator of human consciousness, individual and collective, in our quest to become fully alive on this planet. By providing a physical container for solo pilgrimage and shamanic journeying, it fulfils the initiatory functions of ancient sacred sites—such as kivas and painted caves—offering the pilgrim a deeply visceral and transformative experience.

The Mandãla is template for the flowering of our human nature; for the development of awareness, the growth of consciousness, the pursuit of an infinite potential...


You enter the sanctuary as you enter your own being. The living geometries balance your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies (re-aligning, re-patterning, and generally re-activating your own sacred geometry). The negative ions and oxygen-rich breathing environment increase physical and mental alertness. Both energizing and relaxing, you feel more vibrantly alive in your body. Expanded states are triggered by the visual universe unfolding around you, quickening you, opening you toward innocence and freedom.

To enter the Mandãla is to enter your own perfection, to witness your own immortality. A womb-tomb for awe-inspiring rites of pre-mortem death and rebirth. The Connector acts as a birth canal that swallows then regurgitates the initiate. You enter at your own risks, as hypnogogic states are surely to be induced: helping you to access the many realities coexisting in your multidimensional self—as you dive deeper into the Great Mystery.

As embodiment of the cosmic womb, the sanctuary offers healing—where 'healing' is defined by its larger meaning of our reuniting with the Source, our re-connecting with the common ground of being.

The collective world of the Mandãla is "not to be merely witnessed but absorbed within the self—then integrated in order to produce a new, more wholesome, personality" 1. Thus facilitating the process of psychological individuation.

It is your birthright to awaken!


The Mandãla employs a Web-based interface (non-interactive website) to broadcast the revolving grace and power of its metabolic functions—and shine a light upon collective consciousness.


host-rock access

[1] to host-rock plateau
[2] connector entrance

cave-chamber access

available floor space


1 Erin Sullivan, The Astrology of Midlife and Aging

offering a deeply transformative experience
in our quest to become fully alive on this planet

exploring a perfected universe
connecting with a fully integrated consciousness

making of the divine wonder
an experienced moment

an invitation to Oneness