introducing a new yet very old approach to spirituality and religion

We have made significant efforts to preserve the temples of old, and maybe rightly so, but have we built anything new?

Evolving from the traditional etymology of the word cathedral'seat of the high bishop'—to its reclaimed meaning —'seat of a higher authority'. Now, in a world striving to establish a new spiritual and civilizational paradigm, we have a house of god with no intermediary.

With the Mandãla, the religious forms of historical Man have been distilled and sunk back into the dreamtime of the Earth. That Temple of Man that was reaching for the sky is now restored to where it used to belong. He who was looking outside of himself can now again look deep within: the one and only way to the stars.

A living monument to the resacralization of the Earth, the Mandãla acknowledges man as part of, not apart from, nature.

Not the product of one nation, culture, or religion, this temple is a direct expression of the Perennial Philosophy, a direct link to Unity Consciousness. It acts as a uniting principle fusing East and West, distant prehistory and near post-history. Through deep Space and Time comes a vessel that serves as crucible for the great integration of world cultures. One that wields a new kinship and creates a new kingdom—now freed from dogma and the constraints of organized religion. Its very existence states spiritual sovereignty for each and all.

Fulfilling a different function, answering a different need. Not a place of mass-worship but of self-discovery.

Within the boundaries of form, the Mandãla proclaims a world with no fences and no borders—only brotherhood and a labor of love. It proclaims raw, unconditional, immortal love—all the while remaining a hidden treasure of the desert, one that keeps alive the beauty of mystery.

What we want to make clear is that the Mandãla does not imagine, but creates.


from Latin perennis 'eternally recurring' + Greek philosophia 'love of wisdom'
sophia perennis et universalis, the eternal and universal wisdom — also called the Primordial Tradition

The Perennial Philosophy is the notion of the universal recurrence of philosophical insight independent of epoch or culture, including universal truths on the nature of reality, humanity or consciousness.

It is understood as the common root of all genuine religious traditions. In this sense, different religions are but different languages expressing the same same Divine Truth, which is one, timeless, and universal.

As such, it is accessible to anyone, at any place and time. It is a wisdom, not a practice. It reveals rather than preach. The Perennial Philosophy invites man to discover who man really is.

"Based in eternal universal principles, the Primordial Tradition has always been what it is, being left for human beings to discover and integrate as a guiding principle in the creation of social, religious, and political institutions. As it is today, modern civilization is out of touch with the Primordial Tradition; its institutions are based in man-made ideals, and derive from a degenerate process of increasing alienation from our transcendent origin." 1

It is time to return to our roots. It is time to reclaim our birthright, and awaken.


1 John Major Jenkins, Galactic Alignment

planetary sanctuary
repository of perennial wisdom
all-embracing cosmovision

new cathedral for the world
stating spiritual sovereignty for each and all