the Mandãla as a visionary creation bridging past and future

If the Mandãla represents a new artform, it remains fundamentally connected to the visionary creations of our historical and prehistorical past. In early resonance with the cave sanctuaries of the Upper Paleolithic, it partakes in similar animistic dreamtime. We also find it linked to some of our historical architectural achievements—sharing their same multidimensional purpose, or galactic agenda.

Where 5200yrs ago (a fifth of a precessional cycle), the womb-tomb of Newgrange gave birth to the historical period of man, the Mandãla revolves today at the threshold of a new octave for art, humankind, and the planet at large.

From one womb to the next, the saga of Man unfolds...

As one of the last great temple of our historical period, the Mandãla sets higher vibrations of our metahistorical past and herald a new World Age.

The womb of the Great Goddess is pregnant again, with magic.


computer art: Stephen Miller

mound of the planetary mind
portal to the posthistory of art and civilization