The Mandãla is a visionary shrine in the desert wilderness of the Colorado Plateau
where a revolving entity embodying cosmic order dwells in a womb-like chamber.

The Mandãla is planetary sanctuary: a repository of perennial wisdom built as an all-embracing cosmovision. A world-bridger through Space & Time it is crucible for the Great Integration of world civilizations — East and West, distant prehistory and near posthistory.

The Mandãla is a new cathedral for a world in the throes of great changes. Not the product of one culture or religion, it is temple to a Primordial Tradition (common root of all religious traditions) that states spiritual sovereignty for each and all. A spiritual lighthouse, beacon of hope for the future of life on this planet.

The Mandãla is Shrine of the Serpent-Jaguar. Abode of the Precious Twin: what may yet be the brightest architectural incarnation of the Pan-American dual deity known as Quetzalcoatl-Tezcatlipoca. An American caduceus and true totem pole of the American Tribe — contributing to the preservation and furthering of this continent dreamtime.

The Mandãla is a living monument to the resacralization of the Earth, acknowledging man as part of, not apart from, nature.

The Mandãla serves as a facilitator of consciousness in our quest to become fully alive on this planet. The semi-subterranean womb-like chamber provides a physical container for integrative growth and exploratory journeys — fulfilling the initiatory functions of ancient sacred sites. Template for the flowering of our human nature and a dark-bright node of the Gaian mind, it shines a light upon the collective body of human consciousness.

The Mandãla is a time-keeping device that re-establishes the immanence of sacred time. Revolving in accordance to the tone and rhythm of the Tzolkin — the ‘no beginning no end’ sacred cycle of the Maya calendrical system — and its larger cycles, tuned to chief biological and astronomical cycles and built from living energies, it operates as a blueprint for the flow of creation: mapping our personal and collective evolution, our human and cosmic destiny.

The Mandãla is a spiritual power-plant that belongs to the energetic grid of Earth’s ancient sacred sites — contributing to energies that are balancing for a planet in the midst of great changes.

The Mandãla is conceived as a monument to the ‘End of Time’ (symbolic, not literal) — commemorating the landmark (corresponding to 12-21-2012) of the Maya Long Count calendar. Embodiement of the Lord of Time, it is ritual fulfilled: Time materialized anew. Built at a critical juncture in time, it marks 5200 years of recorded history and heralds the advent of post-history. It celebrates the path walked until now by all of Gaia and humankind.

The Mandãla appeals to the romantic grandeur of our soul. Evoking awe and wonderment, it is envisioned as a hidden treasure of the desert — one that keeps alive the mystery of creation.

The Mandãla reaffirms the immanence of art as a sacred endeavor. Involving the best visionary artists of our times for a new artform marking an entrance into the posthistory of art and civilization.