the underlying geometrical matrix of the sanctuary
its relation and connection to the planet's subtle energy grid

Our destiny is to embrace the collective mind with increasing intimacy and resonance 1


'geometry': from Greek ‘geos’ + ‘metros’: ‘to measure the Earth’

From chaos to order through an intelligent patterning of energies.

“Constructing the universe involves the process of volumization. The original field where patterns first appear is a sphere, a monad. The geometry that arises within this sphere is obligated to manifest the monad’s principal of equality in all directions. Nature adheres to this principle by configuring primary volumes that divide the sphere equally in all directions. There are only five volumes fulfilling this requirement of equality by repeating the identical corner angles, edge lengths, and surface shapes around a sphere. There can be only five possible 'equal divisions' of three dimensional space. These are the most regular, symmetrical, elegant, and economical expressions of space from which the designs of nature derive their characteristics.” 2 Five regular solids which then act as basic building blocks for our 3-dimensional universe, five fundamental essences underlying all other forms. Each is linked (archetypally, energetically) to one of the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) which each informs and which in turn informs each.

If our planet is indeed a living being, moving and breathing through the agency of those 4 elemental modalities, may it not be best understood as operating from and around an underlying structure composed of those five regular solids? A geometrical skeleton which, when projected at the Earth’s surface, becomes a lattice of energy field lines circumferencing the globe in a regular fashion. An Earth grid, a geometrical matrix mapping all five regular solids within multiple orientations, externalizing the various forces that operate simultaneously within them. An etheric grid supporting and connecting all living forms to the Gaian body.

Concentrated energy erupting at the surface of this Earth body can occur at the intersecting nodes of this lattice ― meeting points of telluric and cosmic forces. At these and other locations of geomantic significance, many natural and man-made sacred sites will be found ― each with its own power and frequency, each its own way of organizing our senses and influencing our awareness. At such a location, in a remote desert setting of the Colorado Plateau, the Mandãla sanctuary will be found.

The floor of the cave-chamber lies directly above a geometrical matrix whose design could be as close to a Philosopher’s Stone as may be found in 2-dimensional geometry ― encoding as its does by orthographic projection the five regular solids. In essence a 2-dimensional replica of the Earth grid geometry described above. A matrix connected through both Space (planet Earth) and Time (Tzolkin sacred calendar) ― by principles of morphic resonance, numerical resonance, and by its physical location.


(left) basic Earth grid: partial mapping of the regular solids (15 equatorial circles / 120 triangles / 62 points)

(right) full Earth grid: multiple mappings of all five regular solids (121 equatorial circles / 4862 points)


(left) 20-glyph Tzolkin wheel

(right) 13-number Tzolkin wheel



2 models are currently considered (which may evolve as project development continues). The first (commonly known as Metatron’s Cube) is a 13-node geometry offering true and false projections of the five Platonic solids. The second (variant of the first) is a more complex design that permits all true projections.


Copper pipes of high purity are vertically driven into the ground at the 13 nodes of the design and connected with same. Small, loose quartz crystal rocks are then massed inside these hollow pipes.4 Chief among its many metaphysical properties, quartz crystal functions as an information storage and transmission device, and an amplificator of subtle energies. Copper act as a conductor and energy flow facilitator.

Thus the Mandãla Wheel of Time becomes a calendric resonator linked to the subtle energy grid of our planet—helping the sanctuary to fulfill its function as a generative, spiritual power-plant. Like ancient sacred sites and recent crop circles the world over, it contributes to the harmony of larger systems, like the balancing of the Earth’s vibrational field — a role that can be deemed critical in these times of evolutionary acceleration. Harmonic frequencies generated by the sanctuary can help here to alleviate (again, at the subtle or etheric levels) planetary consciousness from toxic cloudiness.


1 Dan Winter [edited]
2 Michael S. Schneider, Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe [edited]
3 UVG grid model by William Becker and Beth Hagens
4 concept from Rowena Pattee Kryder, Sacred Ground to Sacred Space

monument to the resacralization of the Earth
guiding principle and beacon of hope

spiritual power-plant
contributing to the harmony of larger systems