nature and function of the closed circuit inside the Mandãla organism
with visual specimens of its revolving geometries

no static architecture but a living breathing entity
an advanced lifeform displaying the continuous process of evolution and involution
a dance beneath the stance

Behold the blue-green Waters of Eternal Life flowing down the World Mountain like 4 great rivers! Rivers of Immortality (amrita nadi [Vedic)], sacred arteries through which the Life Current flows. The Blood Lightning (koyopa [Maya], malinalli [Aztec]), this vital force that travels up & down the World Tree. In-lining the Great Shape, enlivening the Great Serpent as it travels along the spine and meridian of its tetramorphic spiraling body.

Crystalline fluid circulates in a regulated closed circuit — this organism's subcutaneous circulatory system. The (spatially) revolving motion records, carries, and transmit information in the form of (temporally) cycling geometries ― sequentially ordered according to the tone and rhythm of the Tzolkin Wheel of Time. Descending anticlockwise flow activate the geometries outward qualities (exteriorization of Spirit, seeking expression) while its parallel counterpart, ascending clockwise, trigger their inward qualities (interiorization of Matter, seeking integration).

260 curated geometries based on the prototypal designs of agriglyphs (crop circles) that have manifested on the face of the Earth over the last few decades (predominantly the region of Southern England where the most exemplary specimens are found). At a critical juncture in our planet's history these numinous archetypes have risen from the depth of the Unconscious with the help, influence, and technology of multidimensional/extra-terrestrial agencies.

Constructed of living grain and issued of the earth these symbols are not imposed upon Nature but made with Nature. Made at the confluence of the underworld with the aboveworld, by the interplay of the intra-terrestrial with the extra-terrestrial. Eros with Logos. When Psyche & Matter entwine in playful re-integration of a false polarity in the Western Mind.

Similarly to the tradition of Tibetan sand mandalas and Navajos sand paintings, these fleeting works of art make manifest the impermanence of forms using the largest of canvas. Yet, at the same time, by framing the entry of energy into our Space/Time dimension, they act as blueprint for Creation ― past, present, and future. Patterns of evolutionary unfolding and seeds of cyclical rebirth. Magical symbols who display the evolutionary design and wisdom of the Gaian mind.

In the Mandãla, these hitherto living geometries ― often mandalic construct themselves ― are reborn in the Vessel (at the Serpent Pillar’s summit) via a Geometry Generator. It imprints the Life Blood with a new pattern per 24hr period ― each corresponding to the calendrical energies during which they are active. The pattern is erased at the end of the day, in soft progression around the midnight mark, before the next one made. An infusion of fresh blood for the Resurrected Body. Over the course of a full cycle, 260 geometries are thus encoded, circulated, and transmitted.

A blue-green lava of quartz operates as the physical medium of the Life Blood: fine grains of pure quartz (silica + oxygen) in connecting fluid. Quartz is imprinted at a nanoscale molecular level by a pulsating laser beam which embeds a layer of nanostructured dots into the crystal lattice ― which then begins to vibrates in unison (at stabilized frequency) and with singular focus ― as all perfectly formed crystalline structures do. Here the quartz acts as transducer (recording and storing the imprint), physical carrier (inside the close-circuit conduit), and transmitter (at a quantum level: non-local and multidimensional).

In the luminescence of the blood coursing through the arteries of an Immortal Being lies an invisible Living language composed of a meta-alphabet of 260 magic characters. Rendering this cosmic organism a literal universe [“turning of the One”] ― a Great Shape, containing multitudes!


Gary S. Bobroff, Crop Circles, Jung, and the Reemergence of the Archetypal Feminine


reconstructed geometries: cropcirclecenter.com

Fountain of Life
hidden in the Sands of Time