esoteric significance of PHI, core principle of the sanctuary’s geometry

A geometrical ratio known as the Divine Proportion or Golden Mean, PHI is an underlying principle of organic growth, directing the spiraling motions of atoms and galaxies. We find it, for example, in the design of the DNA molecule. We also find it prominently in the ideal proportions of the human body and in the cycle of the planet Venus (which astrologically symbolizes love, relatedness and harmony). PHI represents the ideal model of human and cosmic unfolding.

Alchemically, PHI can be said to represent the perfecting of matter through time—whereby following a PHI based process, matter comes ever closer to the perfection of the original Unity, without quite ever achieving it.

Once the first pattern or ratio is established, PHI displays the remarkable ability of being self-generating, growing with self-similarity.

In the Mandãla, PHI is the fundamental principle of its spacetime construct: its spatial geometry and temporal geometry.


Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry

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Cristóbal Vila - etereastudios outside link

keeper of the codes
that which governs the unfolding of life on Earth
that which directs the spiraling motions of atoms and galaxies