short biography of the visionary behind the project

Ars Totum Requirit Hominem

Jean-Philippe was born on the Maya calendar Tzolkin date 12BEN during the dynamic Spring of 1968, in Southern France. natal chart  Still a child, he developed a passionate interest in the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. In his teenage years, he trained in the methodologies of orthodox archeology, partaking in summer campaigns excavating Greco-Roman sites in Arles, France.

Shifting from cerebral to more visceral ways of living, he trained in long-distance triathlon, then began extensive travels on the roads of Europe, North America, and Central America. In his mid-20’s, a dedicated Zen practice at Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, California (under the direction of Jakusho Kwong Roshi) was widened by medicine journeys in wilderness and sacred site settings.

Such immersion in experiential and animistic shamanism is for him one path leading to the universal truths found at the root of all spiritual traditions. For over 2 decades now, this solo endeavor — at times teamwork — has been pursued under the moniker of 'Project Apollo' outside link — whose stated mission is to engage body and mind in multidimensional explorations set deep in the wilderness of the planet and of the soul.

Jean-Philippe has long pursued the alchemic quest of poetically expressing perennial truths. 20 years ago, this led to the conception of a visionary art piece where words have coalesced into an expression of the Transcendental Object. Conceived as a living breathing entity embodying cosmic order, sheltered in a womb-like chamber in the remote desert of the Colorado Plateau, 'the Mandãla' is envisioned as a planetary sanctuary and repository of perennial wisdom.

'Rooted in rapture', this endeavor was born through a lengthy, cathartic, personal healing journey — one with strong archetypal overtones — that occurred in his late 20's and early 30's. The project has now taken a life of its own and revealed itself as belonging to a larger multidimensional master-plan. While Jean-Philippe does not wish such claim to be taken literally, that awareness has shifted his relation to the project — where he now sees himself a creative instrument in the context of a larger play.

Today the vision continues to be pursued with unbending intent and, he hopes still, uncompromised integrity. So it is with a spirit of adventure. Jean-Philippe follows the Chironic model of the shaman-artist for whom art creates reality rather than the other way around. From Berkeley, California to the high desert town of Santa Fe, New Mexico — the project’s headquarters. As project director, he is involved in all aspects of the work, with a focus on design and conceptual research.

Jean-Philippe is a keeper of the Maya calendar Sacred Count (not traditionally initiated), a student and practicing astrologer working with the Maya and Western systems in conjunction. A researcher in the field of Maya astrology and calendrics, he has formulated a model of the Tzolkin that lends new ground to the field of personal predictive astrology. His practice belongs to the humanistic, archetypal psychology, evolutionary branch of astrology―aiming at a wholesome guidance that can serve the client's wellness, growth and place in the world.

Ever striving to develop body, mind and spirit to higher levels of natural health, integral knowledge and spiritual radiance, Jean-Philippe is an avid rawfoodist and monofin swimmer enthusiast.